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    Diskograf is created exclusively for Malaysian artists, labels, producers, composers, musicians and music enthusiasts. Free for all.

    For Malaysian musicians

    Calling all Malaysian music makers & industry players. This is your business card. This is your history. This is your CV. Keep track of your accreditations in music.

    For Malaysian fans

    All are invited to make Diskograf better by expanding the database for Malaysian music knowledge to make Diskograf as complete and accurate as possible.

    Résumé of Musical Works

    Diskograf is a platform for Malaysian artists to publish, share, and build profiles of musical works & credits.

    Our goal is to help Malaysian musicians reach new audiences and collaborates with other musicians in recording projects & music promotions.

    Inspiring people

    Inspire, empower and connecting artists, fans and businesses, within the Malaysian music scene.

    Malaysian pride

    Preserve and archive the recorded works of Malaysia′s artists and producers aiming to promote Malaysian music.

    Global reach

    Bringing Malaysian artists and producers to the higher level of exposure and recognition at a global level.

    The Heritage

    Filling the gaps in Malaysian music history

    Ultimately, we want to record and preserve our musical heritage. It′s an effort to put together an exhaustive history of Malaysian music. It′s going to be a beast, so grab a coffee and sit back, because it′s going to take awhile.